Looks like this place hasn’t burned to the ground yet… 

samuel-iglesias asked: Okay. Okay. What do you want to do? Let's watch Adventure Time!

Whoever created that show must have been on drugs. But sure, we can do that. 

samuel-iglesias asked: Nope.

Ah, fine. Whatever. Let’s do something then.

samuel-iglesias asked: Teagan, come on.

You just don’t want to leave me in peace to wallow in misery, do you?

samuel-iglesias asked: I would never drag you down.

Not on purpose, I suppose.

samuel-iglesias asked: Yes, ma'am. We could prank one of my sisters.

If I pranked someone with you, I’m pretty sure you’d just drag me down. 

samuel-iglesias asked: Then let's do something fun, 'sunshine'.

Please don’t call me that… 

What something “fun” did you have in mind? 

samuel-iglesias asked: Or, you could supply me food to throw at you.

That sounds like a waste of my food and how about no. 

// ohai I just saw this. XD

samuel-iglesias asked: I don't know. I'm bored and well, I kinda thought we were friends...

I’m afraid I’m not all that entertaining right now. We could have a staring contest and you could lose. 

samuel-iglesias asked: -grins- That's because, you only pay attention to me when I throw food at you.

This is true. Why do you want my attention?